“Public health is altruism. We are really here to serve other people and put other communities first—that’s point number one.” —Lt. Commander Rashid Njai, MPH ’03, PhD ’08 | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USPHS Commissioned Corps

Lt. Commander Rashid Njai

“Our visions for population health have to evolve because today’s world is full of dynamic challenges.” —Chanell Heslop, Master’s Student, Frederick J. Barten Scholarship  

Chanell Heslop

“As beautiful as pure logic is, it’s much more rewarding and meaningful to me to apply that beauty to public health research, with the possibility—the probability even—of helping people live healthier lives.” —Mousumi Banerjee,  Anant M. Kshirsagar Collegiate Research… Read More

Mousumi Banerjee

“Advocacy can manifest itself in many ways, but it can never be individualistic. Advocacy is a collection of hopes, beliefs, values, and actions that act as a constant force striving to attain that which is most difficult to… Read More

Dana Greene

“Sometimes it is necessary to use science to dispel fears, and sometimes it is necessary to use science to bring attention to legitimate problems. Both are worthwhile endeavors, and I hope to build a career doing both.” —Jessica… Read More

Jessica Yaser